Rain and Washington State


If you ever find yourself in a remote corner of Washington State, on Lake Chelan, near the fairly hidden, almost inaccessible and incredible beautiful town of Stehekin -- you can get there by boat or plane only, 53 miles up one of the deepest lakes on earth -- you should definitely stop in and see what Karl Gaskill is up to at his immaculate, small organic farm. Karl is quite a kind fellow, and very knowledgeable about farming.  You will not find a weed in his garden, and he has some very happy bees too. We really enjoyed meeting Karl, and he sent us with the most beautiful cauliflower -- we know what a gift that is. 

So after a break out west, we are back to our Georgia farm, and the season has been one of the most challenging in memory. The rain has been unrelenting. This makes field production challenging, and tractor work almost impossible. Weeds are proliferating, and if we have to take a day off to mow the farm again, we are all going to lose it. Despite the challengers, Celia and the crew have been producing some beautiful vegetables and keeping everything more or less on track. Thanks to our new Haygrove Hoophouses, our late season lettuce production has been exceptional. So there have been bright spots to the season. Here are a few recent photos, including a nice lettuce bed we just harvested.


Brassica bed just planted:

One of Celia's flower bed: