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Celia Barss

Celia Barss is the head farmer (boss!) at Woodland Gardens.  Celia has been toiling the clay fields here in Athens for over a decade.  Celia was born in Newfoundland Canada, raised in Papua New Guinea, grew up in Baltimore, studied in France and was one of the first organic certificate class graduated from University of California Santa Cruz.   Celia has been involved in the start up and operations of four farms, and simply would not be happy doing anything other than farming.  Celia has always managed the farm with a focus on long-term sustainability, and a always with utmost respect and care for her team.  Among the bustle of the seasons, Celia is now a mother of two, and keeps her boots dirty. 

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Kelley Walton

Kelley Walton is one of the assistant managers at Woodland Gardens, focusing primarily on cut flowers and perennials. Kelley is somewhat new to the world of farming full-time and is excited to continue learning and growing in Athens. She took a leap of faith in 2017 when she decided to leave her career in the non-profit sector to apprentice at Jenny Jack Sun Farm in Pine Mountain, Georgia and has not looked back since. Kelley studied Sociology and Spanish at Tulane University in New Orleans and loves going salsa dancing and playing soccer when her legs aren't too tired from being out in the fields all day.  We are so thankful to have Kelley join our farm.


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Christine White

Christine White has been involved in the Athens and Atlanta sustainable agriculture scene since graduating from the University of Georgia in 2010. Her love for farming began while she was serving at Farm255 (dearly missed but never forgotten!) and volunteering at its own Full Moon Farms. In 2012, inspired to learn more about growing food, Christine apprenticed at Serenbe Farms where she learned the great challenges and rewards of farming in the Southeast. Post-apprenticeship, Christine returned to Athens to continue her farming journey in one of her favorite towns where the music, yoga, familiar faces and good coffee is a-plenty. She is excited to be Lauren’s partner-in- crime here at Woodland Gardens and to carry on the farm’s great tradition of growing and delivering diverse and beautiful veggies to the community.

John Cooper

John Cooper, a South Carolina native, continues to consult for the farm.  He worked for many years with Woodland Gardens bringing a business background and skills in botany, perennial production and business management during a time a growth for the farm.  John has an International MBA from University of South Carolina, and many years of experience in the nursery industry and small business management. His experience includes work for a large cooperative of Fair Trade and organic coffee producers in La Trinidad, Oaxaca.  John is fluent in Spanish, loves adventures with his kids and his wife, Celia! 

previous managers

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Lauren Cox

Lauren Cox managed Woodland Gardens in 2015 - 2017. A native southerner with wanderlust, Lauren settled in Georgia five years ago to begin her farming education. After receiving her Masters in Food Culture and Communications from Slow Food University in Italy in 2008, she returned to America in 2011, armed with a yearning to get back to her roots and get her hands dirty. She managed Le Tre Lune Farm (Italian for “The Three Moons”), with Luca Caffettani, from 2011 to 2013. She continued to spreading the good word of food and the importance of taste education along with sustainable farming practices. Every spring she can’t wait for the tomatoes to come in, so she can have a mayo and tomato sandwich and of her varying interests, she does modern and Middle Eastern dance, and at one time played golf and sang opera.  Lauren is an amazing person and Woodland Gardens was lucky to have her contributions.

Luca Caffetani

Luca Caffettani comes from the land of cured meat and cheese but found himself ever more at home in the southeastern US.  After Wwoofing around Europe and living for a brief period in Rome, he moved to America in 2011 to begin his formal farming education in Mansfield, Georgia.  For two years he co-managed, Le Tre Lune, before becoming the newest addition to Woodland Gardens’ management in 2015.  Luca brought with him a passion for soil health and experience with farming implements.  His favorite veggies are mustard greens and radicchio and he makes the best ragu' e.v.e.r.  Since leaving Woodland Gardens at the end of 2016, Luca has returned to Italy and is working on a handful of projects dealing with sustainable, organic small-scale farming in Emilia Romagna.