New Produce Box Session Starts


We are very excited to begin our spring - fall produce box program today. We have expanded our membership and we are very happy to be growing more food. The boxes will be delivered this afternoon at 5:00 pm (5:00 -7:00 pick up) for those w

ho pick up in town, and ready at 4:30 (4:30 - 5:30 pick up) for the members picking up at the farm. Thanks for being a part of our small and growing farm!

Here is a photo of our tomato house in March. The tomatoes are looking really good this year after we cover cropped with velvet beans for nematode control. The velvet bean seeds are thought to have properties which inhibit the root knot nematodes which we have found in soil there. From the look of the tomato plants so far (knock on wood), I think it may have been a beneficial cover crop.