Jarrett Steiber / Steady Hand


One of the benefits of growing vegetables is seeing them in-use in ways that really excite and surprise us. At times it is hard to imagine where all the vegetables end up, especially when a long, hot day of planting and weeding has you seeing little else but Georgia clay red. So, we were very excited when one one of chefs forwarded these photos to us. Jarrett is doing his thing at the Iberian Pig (for now) in Atlanta as Steady Hand. And as you can see from these photos, he has an incredible eye for presentation and detail. We are honored he is using our produce:

Here are his descriptions and the photos:

*Radishes with plugra and maldon salt/ hakurei's with strawberry, peashoot, lemon+coriander+chile dressing/ tomatoes with flowering thyme, lemon, Espilette chile and coffee vinaigrette

*English peas, fiddlehead ferns, your spearmint (raw and fried), Meyer lemon, marcona almond

*Y'all's spring onions a la Plancha, onion top + pork shoulder jam, Espilette, marcona almond, nasturtium

*Crispy pork belly, raw/roasted/pickled baby carrot, radish, pork fat vinaigrette, orange, carrot purée, raab blossoms