Summer Thoughts


Celia's Flower:

Woodland Flowers 2014

Summer is in full swing at the farm. Afternoon rainstorms, and lots of squash. One of the wonderful benefits of farming in Georgia is the witness to four true seasons. Each cycle is distinct, full of its own excitement and complaints. This is the time of year when the whole crew starts feeling the ache of the spring - summer rush. So much happens during these few months, and the cool winter mornings are a long way from mind.

Everything has to go just right, and thankfully, after many years of mistakes, the farm chuggs along more or less smoothly and efficiently: the whole crew here is professional, organized and (we think) immensely talented. Lauren manages everything with style and grace, and she is keenly smart -- and likes things perfect. Orlando leads the crew in the field and knows the big picture routines better than almost anyone. Edwin is the tractor expert. Adan is our (thin) giant, capable of moving through any big project with a smile. Ana and Jenny wash, clean and pack faster and better than any of us could hope to do. They roll their eyes when we try to help. We are pained when they take vacations. We feel very thankful for everyone sweating through these seasons. I admire farms who are able to pull off small scale, labor intensive agriculture on the back of interns, students, and other excited but novice farm assistants. This is not a critique, just an observation.

In our small world of veggie chaos, we like to think we have calm control over most of the controllable parts. But the reward and fun is honestly never lost, despite these deep summer months of farm burn out! It can be obscured by the heat and aching bones, but visiting with kind and thankful market customers week after week, and hearing their Sunday recipe of our squash, or fruit cobbler, or how their three year old "only eats your tomatoes" makes everything worth the effort. All I can say, though, if thank goodness for our August vacation. Rest!