Almost Fall, Still Hot


The farm starts getting pretty photogenic at these times of seasonal transition. I love trying to keep up with all the changes, weather and otherwise. Sometimes I feel like I have a handle on where everything is, and what is going on, and then a week or two passes and the crew has harvested and replanted, Celia has finished off a bed of her flowers or a house of lettuce, or a cover crop has jumped up -- and I walk back out to see something and its vanished. My job here is less day to day and more big picture, so it is amazing to witness the hard work and fast changes, and how quickly things turn in to something else -- seed to food, food to people, food to compost, flowers to bonuses for the crew. The crew has every inch of the farm in production, whether that means a field is just resting or in a cover crop, or producing veggies or fruit. Nothing here just sits just to sit. And everything is changing.

Nothing would be the same here without the great folks who work at the farm. This is hard work, and each one of the men and ladies is an integral piece to the whole. Here is a great photo of Jenny working the extra small pea sheller. None of the guys could work this as efficiently as she does. Women tend to have a much better touch with this sort of fast hand work and details. The guys are relentless in the field, and get more done in a day than you could imagine.

Farming is good work, and it is the kind of thing that makes a person tired and hungry at the end of the day, and hopefully earn enough pay to make it all work. We really appreciate the expertise and hard work of our crew. They are an amazing group of people. And I think they too enjoy watching the seasons change.


Brassica planting in new field: