Winter box (Dec-April)

Winter box (Dec-April)

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Four weeks of Woodland Gardens' winter season produce.   

Our winter box season runs December-April, depending upon the weather. The cost of the winter produce box is $20-$25 / week (+ 3% sales tax)

Note* Winter boxes are packed with leafy greens and hardy root veggies. You must be in the Main Season box for at least one season in order to be able to sign on for the Winter Box Season. 

The boxes include 7 to 9 items.  

Example box includes...

red cabbage, pink beauty radishes, rainbow carrots, baby collards, beets, butterhead lettuce, parsley (pictured here, an actual share)


leeks , kohlrabi, dandelion greens, spinach, carrots, turnips, winter radishes, arugula

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